Thermoduric Testing

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What Is Thermoduric Testing?

Thermoduric bacteria are organisms that can survive pasteurisation and carry over into dairy products causing defects in the final product, such as reduced shelf life for milk or spoilage of cheese and butter. Although most bacteria found in raw milk are non-pathogenic and are mostly destroyed by pasteurisation, this group has the capability of surviving pasteurisation. Bacillus and Clostridium are the most common; they exist in the form of spores and are not killed by pasteurisation. 

Some milk buyers have introduced Thermoduric testing to their payment testing suite. This means that your Thermoduric results could incur deductions if above recommended cut offs.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Monitor bacteria which may otherwise go unnoticed in the wider farm environment, such as dirty cow teat surfaces, poor parlour hygiene and residues on milk machine equipment.
  • Highlight where hygiene practices may need to be improved across the dairy process

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