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InterHerd+InterHerd+ is a new analysis and reporting tool for InterHerd users. It provides a range of performance and management reports which supplement those already available in InterHerd.

At the heart of the system is a new forecasting module which allows the calculation of performance indicators up to and beyond the present time.

The new reports provide a much enhanced insight into the causes and effects of variations in key performance indicators.  They also avoid the bias in calculation of recent values of parameters, such as calving to conception interval.  In traditional analysis, values of this interval for recently-calved cows tend to appear very short because it is only possible to calculate it for cows that have already conceived; ie those with the shortest calving to conception intervals.

KPI InterHerd+Key Performance Indicators

In InterHerd+ the estimates for recently-calved cows are based on the latest available actual data and the assumption that recent standards of performance will continue.  For example, if there has been an actual extension of calving to first service interval, the consequences for calving to conception interval and future milk production are immediately apparent, on the assumption that the recent conception rate is maintained.

Key features include:

  • Simple navigation - the new InterHerd+ program arranges reports in logical groups
  • New analysis - InterHerd+ does not recreate the fertility analysis that already exists in InterHerd.  Instead InterHerd Plus finds new ways to look at data
  • Report writer - the program comes with a report writer that allows the user to define what charts, tables and graphs they want on a report.  Once a report has been created, that report can be easily displayed and printed at a later date.  There are a number of Document Templates available to download
  • Direct links to NMR - InterHerd+ will check the NMR database for updates to the data and will download automatically the updated or amended data
  • Automatic updates - InterHerd+ uses the latest Microsoft technology which allows us to update the program over the internet
Fertility Overview InterHerd+
Fertility Overview

InterHerd+ is still a new program and major development is happening continually.  Please check back here regularly to hear about the latest updates to this software.

For further information on InterHerd+ or for a demonstration, please contact us.