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What is Payment Testing?

We carry out bespoke testing schedules for milk purchasers to aid in their management of the quality of their milk supplier pool. 

The testing can comprise bactoscan, FPD, SCC, butterfat, protein, lactose, casein, antibiotics, urea and fatty acids. 

We also offer a range of disease and microbiology testing that milk purchasers can order for their supplier base.

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What Are The Benefits?

  • Finding out the quality of incoming milk on a producer-by-producer basis.
  • Spot any issues quickly to help the farm involved rectify any problems.
  • Free access to Phoenix; our online application for viewing results built specifically with milk purchase in mind.

How Does It Work?

  • Bulk milk samples are tested for a variety of disease, composition and microbiology.
  • Reports are available online in our dedicated Phoenix application.
  • We store all bulk milk samples for five days so these can be used for additional testing if required.

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