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What is UNIFORM Agri

UNIFORM Agri is an international company that develops and supplies dairy farm management software for thousands of dairy farmers worldwide. They aim to provide the best dairy management software you can get, to help you better manage your herd.

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Benefits of UNIFORM Agri

  • Data entry made easy and fast to save time.
  • Mobile App included, so you can enter events as they happen.
  • Data to NMR in real-time.
  • Intelligent dashboard - one screen snapshot of your herd.
  • Monitor production, health, fertility and much more.
  • KPIs that really matter
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Added Features

  • Wide range of automated links to most milking parlours and activity systems.
  • Links to BCMS and HUK
  • Online training and regular updates.
  • Annual user workshops.
  • Monthly support with no up front set up fee (minimum contract 12 months).
  • Three different levels to suit your requirements.


A version of the UNIFORM software for vets and consultants that allows easy access to the comprehensive data recorded in clients’ own UNIFORM programs.

  • Enables more informed decision making and advice.
  • Mirrors all the on-farm functionality.
  • Includes any parlour milk yield information if linked.
  • Extra analysis tools for you to add value.
  • Easy to view dashboard, which immediately highlights any issues.
  • Simple to use and flexible reports for access to all your clients’ production, fertility, health and medicine records.
  • Real-time interface with no downloading of data involved.
  • Ability to set up a customised toolbar.
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