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What is Energy Balance?

The Energy Balance service provides insight into groups of cows suffering from a lack of energy before any detrimental effects set in. This allows remedial actions to be taken to help minimise production losses, disease and poor fertility.

The service has been developed by NMR in partnership with SRUC, and funded by Innovate UK. It uses the 'pattern' produced when testing an individual cow milk sample to evaluate the animal's status.

All NMR recorded herds can benefit from the service, which is based on the analysis of the milk recording sample. We'll test every cow at every recording, and as long as the milk sample passes quality criteria, your results will be available via NMR's online reporting, Herd Companion.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Proactively identify groups of cows suffering from lack of energy before any detrimental effects occur.
  • Prevent further conditions which are the precursor from poor energy balance, such as ketosis, metritis, infertility, lameness and mastitis.
  • Stop just relying on monitoring body condition scoring and/or blood analysis, which is often too late to overcome.

How Does It Work?

  • Uses advanced milk analysis techniques
  • Monitors energy intake levels from a milk sample.
  • This is an additional service to our milk recording options.
  • Proactive rather than reactive approach to nutritional performance

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