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What is GenoCells?

GenoCells is a next-generation milk test that provides individual cow Somatic Cell Counts (SCC) using a single bulk milk sample. GenoCells uses each cow’s genomic profile to identify SCC contribution to avoid the requirement for time-consuming individual cow milk sampling. Identifying animals with the highest SCCs has never been so easy, helping farmers identify sub-clinical mastitis, improve milk quality and reduce antimicrobial use as GenoCells enables a Selective Dry Cow Therapy program.

Who is it for?

GenoCells partners

GenoCells is available as a service to those who are testing through NMR (GeneEze), Genus (GeneAdvance) or Zoetis (Clarifide / Clarifide Plus).

How does it work?

The diagram below shows how the service works – matching the genomic profiling of the SCCs in the bulk tank sample with a database containing genomic data for all the milking cows in the herd.


Farm Benefits

  • Get SCC information with low-effort sample collection versus traditional SCC testing
  • Increase margin through greater farm efficiency and higher milk quality
  • Increase the value genomic testing provides to your business
  • Improve animal welfare
  • Meet milk processor demands for Selective Dry Cow Therapy program

Vet Benefits

  • Identify mastitis challenges faster and provide targeted treatment
  • Reduce antimicrobial use
  • Use the information to design preventative health plans
  • Improve animal welfare

Processor Benefits

  • Encourage the highest milk quality production
  • Drive focus on sustainability
  • Enables Selective Dry Cow Therapy programmes
  • Improve animal welfare

How Does GenoCells Work?

  1. Provide access to cow genotypes
  2. Collect a milk sample from the bulk tank
  3. Send the sample to our laboratory for analysis
  4. Receive results in a few days
  5. Decide suitable action for the highest SCC cows

Is GenoCells For You?

GenoCells works on most dairy farms. All your milking herd must be genotyped to identify cows contributing to your SCC. 

NMR can help you begin your genotyping journey or provide solutions to accelerate your genotyping program to its full potential.

GenoCells testing can be done at a frequency which suits your farm’s needs—the more frequently you test, the more precise your mastitis management can be. We recommend getting individual cow SCC information at least every four weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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