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What is Essential Sampling?

Essential Sampling is a straightforward testing service for milk constituents, without the requirement to record any animal events, ID or ancestry information. 

Butterfat and protein results are reported automatically with the cell count results as part of the service. 

If you require regular testing, there is a monthly subscription service (4, 6 or 8 weekly). However, if you only want to test now and again, the service can be used ad hoc.

What Are The Benefits?

  • A simple testing service for milk quality without recording any event or ancestry information.
  • Ideal to use in between a regular recording service if milk quality needs to be checked more often.
  • You can select the cows you wish to test rather than testing the whole herd.
  • Results sent either by post, email – CSV file (for spreadsheets and on-farm software) or fax.

Options Available for Essential Sampling

  • Cell count.
  • Fat and protein.
  • Pregnancy testing (additional cost).
  • Tests for additional diseases – Lepto, IBR, BVD and Johne’s (additional cost).
  • Sampler to take the milk samples (additional cost).

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