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What is FarmAssist?

As part of the Red Tractor standards, producers must have an annual review of their medicine use and antibiotic testing results with their vet. FarmAssist brings this information together in a farm certificate.

What Are The Benefits?

  • As well as having a summary of the medicine use in their dairy herd, producers will be able to view their herd against national or target figures for antibiotic use.
  • Vet practices will be able to benchmark and review the use of antibiotics across their clients’ herds.
  • Milk purchasers will also be able to benchmark antibiotic use across their producer pool to help support their wider role in antibiotic stewardship.

How Does It Work?

We require information from vet practices on quantities of medicine products, in particular antibiotics, dispensed to individual farms for use in the dairy herd and young stock. This information is required for 2017 and subsequent years.

Please email or 01902 749920.

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