Milk Recording

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Milk Recording

Why Milk Record?

NMR’s trusted, reliable and impartial milk recording and cow health monitoring services will empower you with quality information, enabling you to drive herd performance and health.

NMR’s data supports you to make informed decisions in herd management.

Improved Milk Quality

  • Monitor and improve bulk milk tank volume and quality.
  • Implement Selective Dry Cow Therapy.
  • Re-use the milk samples for pro-active Johne’s management.
  • Benchmark your herd against national targets to enable comparison against other farms with similar management systems

Improved Herd Management

  • Tighten up the management of your herd using comprehensive flexible action lists.
  • Extend herd longevity by monitoring and improving the health of your cows
  • Measure and manage to improve pregnancy rates.
  • Breed your dairy replacements from your best heifers and cows by enabling use of AHDB genetic evaluations and genomic testing.

Milk Recording Options

There are many flexible milk recording options to suit you and your herd, from using one of our fully trained milk recorders or doing DIY self-sampling.

Milk Recording Options

Essential Sampling

Grazing Herd Recording Options

Milk Pregnancy Testing

Energy Balance

Robot Milking Shuttle Hire

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