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What is Milk Pregnancy Testing?

A highly reliable test to detect Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins (PAGs) to accurately determine whether or not the cow is pregnant.

The test result does depend on accurate animal identification, good milk sampling technique and up-to-date fertility information. This means with the automated options, the correct samples can be selected and tested in the laboratory.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Accurate pregnancy results – specificity and sensitivity figures indicate a very low 2% inaccuracy rate.
  • Can be used as a recheck test 70-110 days after service to confirm pregnancy status after an early vet PD.
  • Reduces days open, saving between £4.00-£5.50 (Kingshay/Kite Consulting) per day
  • No enrolment fee, no minimum or maximum number of samples and no commitment to monthly Milk Pregnancy Testing.
  • 99% accuracy on pregnant cows*, milk samples can be tested to check for pregnancy status and identify open (non-pregnant) cows in time to rebreed. * IDEXX validation report of the test carried out on 1,839 samples of milk.

How Does It Work?

  • Using existing NMR samples – there is no need for additional samples. 
  • Ad hoc testing between recordings is available.
  • The test can be used at any time from 28 days after service and as a check before drying off.
  • Results shown in Herd Companion will automatically update a cow’s fertility status and associated action lists (Milk Recorded herds only).
  • Cows falling into the ‘recheck’ area will be retested automatically at next recording free of charge (Milk Recording customers only).

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