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Milk Quality

What Is BactoBreakdown Testing?

The BactoBreakdown service is a combination of both the Parlour Hygiene Suite and Mastitis ID. The test is useful for identifying the cause of Bactoscan or SCC problems (or both). BactoBreakdown testing is carried out on non-preserved bulk milk samples routinely collected by NML. Testing includes the Parlour Hygiene Suite (psychrotroph, thermoduric, coliform and total viable count), Mastitis ID (identification of mastitis pathogens) and SCC.

Is This Test For You?

If your Bactoscan levels are rising, this can be caused by bacteria related to the milking parlour and plant hygiene. 

This service will help pinpoint specific areas that could be causing high Bactoscan results, such as bulk tank cleaning, plant cleaning or contamination from cows from poor teat preparation or mastitis.

How Do I Get Started?

To test your next available bulk milk sample or to arrange regular quarterly testing, please contact us by phone 01902 749 920, email or by completing the Contact Us form below.

Results are available on Herd Companion and we can email.

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