Milk Quality

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Milk Quality

A Wide Range Of Milk Quality Testing Services

NMR offers a range of testing services to help manage milk constituency and hygienic quality at both a bulk milk and individual cow level.

Our microbiology services include: Mastitis ID which tests for the detection of mastitis pathogens and, Bacto Breakdown which uses traditional culture methods to assess levels of bacteria in the milk relating to high Bactoscan results in bulk samples and Thermoduric testing.

The Milk Quality Monitor service provides you with bulk milk testing in addition to your weekly milk buyer payment test. NML will test for SCC, Fat, Protein, Bactoscan, Lactose and Urea.

Milk Quality Testing Options

Milk Quality Monitor

Parlour Hygiene Suite


Thermoduric Testing

Mastitis ID

Selective Dry Cow Therapy

Water Testing

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