Parlour Hygiene Suite Service

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Milk Quality

What is the Parlour Hygiene Suite Service?

This involves a traditional culture technique whereby any live microbes in the milk are grown under a range of conditions. We then count the number of microbial colonies to determine the level and presence of:

  • Psychrotrophs
  • Thermodurics
  • Coliforms
  • A Total Variable Count (TVC)

If your Bactoscan levels are rising, this can be caused by bacteria most commonly related to the milking parlour and cleanliness of the milking plant. This service will help pinpoint specific areas that could be causing high Bactoscan results, such as the bulk tank cleaning, plant cleaning or contamination from dirty udders.

What are the benefits?

  • Identifying troublesome areas will determine the best course of action to rectify quality issues.
  • Help avoid any penalties from your milk purchaser.

What's involved?

To test your next available bulk milk sample, simply contact us. 

We can arrange for the next available sample to be tested, or we can select one that’s from a specific date if we have it stored. 

We can also arrange for bulk milk samples to be tested on a quarterly basis to provide more regular results without the hassle of requesting each sample separately.

All results are reported on Herd Companion and can be sent via email or post.

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