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What is Herd Companion?

Herd Companion is NMR’s free online information management portal for access to your milk recording, bulk tank milk quality and disease test results. It has been delivering key cow and herd information to farmers, vets, consultants and advisors for over 10 years.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Access via your own secure user name and password on your PC or tablet.
  • Milk recording information is shown in interactive, flexible and exportable iReports.
  • Logical and straightforward navigation.
  • Real-time data entry for updated action lists helps improve insights into your cows and herd, contributing to faster and improved decision-making.
  • Genomic and genetic £PTA and £PLI reports allow you to allocate animals to different groups for breeding planning.
  • NML bulk tank results reported and collated through Milk Quality Monitor.
  • Disease reporting of cows for Johne’s, BVD, Leptospirosis, IBR and Neospora.
  • Bulk tank disease reporting for BVD, Leptospirosis, IBR, Neospora and Liver Fluke.

What Are The Key Features Of Herd Companion?

  • Real-time data entry and links with UNIFORM and InterHerd+.
  • New landing page dashboard for a quick overview of the herd.
  • Farm advisors can also view fertility, health, milk quality and disease information.
  • Farm assurance reporting.

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