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Herd Companion is NMR’s online information management system. It has been delivering key cow and herd information to farmers, vets, consultants and advisors for over 10 years.

Herd Companion has real-time data entry and reporting, both on desktop computers and tablets.

This can improve the insights you have into cows and herds, contributing to faster and improved decision making.

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What are the key features of the new Herd Companion?
Daily Event Entry
  • Real-time data entry
  • Immediate update of the NMR database
  • Real-time links with UNIFORM and InterHerd+
  • Increased data security and management
  • More logical and simpler navigation
  • New landing page dashboard for quick overview of the herd
  • Works with all operating systems – iOS, Microsoft, Android
  • Works with all desktop and tablet hardware – resizes automatically
To enter, edit and report on real-time data, you must be online.
What are the key benefits for dairy farmers?
Herd Companion Mega Menu Improved Navigation
  • Immediate updates of action lists, improving decision making and prioritising of tasks
  • Fresh data is passed straight on to third parties, UNIFORM and InterHerd+, making reports more relevant
  • It's simpler and faster to export reports
  • Personally manage online which other on-farm users, vet practices and/or third-parties has access to the data
Consultant and Third-Party Access
Farm advisors can also to view fertility, health, milk quality and disease information oMQM Resultsnline via Herd Companion.

In the new Herd Companion, primary farm users will be able to personally assign and remove data access to other users, so Third Party Data Permission forms will no longer need to be completed and returned to NMR.

All current data access permissions will be in place on the new Herd Companion.

Access Herd Companion 24 hours a day at