NMR Rolls Out More Johne's Masterclasses for Vets

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New techniques that can improve Johne’s disease management in dairy herds, including a new Priority Cull Report, have been welcomed by more than 90 vets attending Johne’s Masterclasses at venues across the UK.

“A dedicated cull-cow report is an important step forward in Johne’s management, and one we are encouraging vets and farmers to use,” says NMR vet Karen Bond, who is a key speaker at the Masterclass vet meetings with vet and Johne’s disease consultant Peter Orpin and director of PAN Livestock Service James Hanks.

“It identifies cows with two consecutive results above 60 and/or one result above 100,” she explains. “These cows are ‘losing control’ of the disease and are likely to be shedding large amounts MAP. They are the highest risk animals in the herd and the ones that should be prioritised for culling.”

Organised by NMR, with support from the Action Group on Johne’s, milk processors and retailers, these vet Masterclasses also look at new UK data on the economics of Johne’s and on the use of the Average Test Value (ATV) and Johne’s Progress Tracker to improve outcomes on farm.

The Johne’s Masterclasses will continue in January, in the northwest and north Wales. Vets can register via this link:


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