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In 1997, during the de-regulation of milk supply and the breakup of the Milk Marketing Board (MMB), NMR plc was created with 27,000 shareholders who were all the active dairy farmers suppling the MMB at the time. Since then NMR has made significant progress to gain liquidity in its shares and to develop a proper trading environment.

  • In 2003 NMR offered to re-purchase up to 250 shares at 30p per share in a share buyback scheme which was taken up by over 600 shareholders.
  • From 28 December 2006 our shares were traded on the ISDX market which has subsequently became the NEX Exchange. Designed specifically for small and mid-cap entrepreneurial companies, the NEX Exchange provides access to a wide range of dynamic companies from many different sectors. Companies on NEX Exchange are not "listed" on the UKLA's Official List and are therefore considered by HMRC to be "unquoted" for most UK tax purposes. NEX Exchange shares can be included in tax advantaged savings structures, namely ISAs and Self Invested Pension Plans. Investors have access to the various tax benefits available to shareholders in private trading companies such as business property relief for inheritance tax. The ISDX market enjoys Growth Market Exemption of stamp duty and stamp duty reserve tax on transfers of securities. The exemption is pursuant to the Finance Bill 2014.
  • In 2010 NMR completed a successful share consolidation process by which shareholdings below 320 were paid out at 28p which was the prevailing market price at the time. As a result NMR now has less than 7,000 shareholders and a liquid market in our shares.
  • In June 2017 NMR completed a successful project to exit the Milk Pension Fund which is a multi-employer defined benefit pension scheme which is legacy of NMR’s roots in the Milk Marketing Board. This project involved the issue of new shares which approximately doubled the number of ordinary NMR shares in issue by means of a share subscription which enabled a number of corporate investors to become NMR shareholders

I would like to take the opportunity to remind shareholders of the Dividend Re-Investment Programme (DRIP) provided by Equiniti Financial Services Limited, which enables shareholders to buy new NMR shares with their dividend payments. This is a convenient and cost effective way to use your dividend payment to increase your shareholding in NMR. If you have not already joined the DRIP programme, more details and how to join can be found at

If you want to buy shares in NMR all you will need to do to trade is to call your stockbroker.

All enquires on current share holdings should be addressed to our registrars who are Equiniti on 0371 384 2030. Lines are open 8.30am to 5.30pm (UK time), Monday to Friday, excluding English public holidays. Or you can visit the website


Another option is to donate unwanted shares to ShareGift, the share donation charity (registered charity 1052686). ShareGift was set up in 1996 to provide a charitable solution for small holdings of shares that are uneconomic to sell. Shareholders in this position can transfer unwanted shares to ShareGift and obtain tax relief as a result. The charity then consolidates the shares into meaningful quantities, sells them when there are enough and uses the proceeds for charitable donations. Millions of pounds have already been distributed to over 1,000 different charities as a result.

If you wish to use this free service, please download a ShareGift Transfer Form from You simply need to complete the number of shares you are donating, add your name and address, sign the form where indicated and return it, with your share certificate(s), to: Equiniti, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA

In the event that you cannot locate your share certificate, shareholdings of less than £100 in value can still be transferred to ShareGift without incurring a lost certificate or administration fee. For transfers of shares of over £100 in value that are not accompanied with a share certificate, an application for a formal indemnity will need to be made to Equiniti. Such transfers will also incur a £10 administration fee.

For further information about donating unwanted shares for charitable purposes:

ShareGift: 020 7930 3737

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