UNIFORM-Agri and NMR celebrate their 1000th / 2000th customer

Chris Britton 1000th UNIFORM customer

On Farm software supplier UNIFORM Agri and dairy data supplier NMR are celebrating a double success story.

Dairy farmer Chris Britton, who farms near Ripon, is not only the 1000th UNIFORM / NMR customer, he’s also UNIFORM’s 2000th UK customer!

Chris, who tests his milk with NMR, said he chose UNIFORM as he wanted something which was quick and easy to use. “The last thing we wanted was to be spending a lot of time entering data on our computer…that would have been slower than what we’re doing already!”

They were inspired to consider UNIFORM by a variety of sources, including Stuart their NMR milk recorder, their local vets and by all the other local farmers who already use the platform! “Even those farmers who aren’t technologically minded told me how easy it is to use – which is reassuring to hear.”

Mr. Britton added that he particularly likes how he can share his farm data with his consultants such as vets, breeding advisors and nutritionists, via the UNIFORM platform. “It made sense to use a program where everyone can sing off the same hymn sheet and share our data” he added.

“The mobile app is huge plus – it means you have all your data to hand wherever you are on your farm. This is particularly helpful when you’re down the side of a crush during a fertility visit,” he laughs.

Installing UNIFORM represents a huge cost saving benefit too, Chris can now complete his own medicine book rather than asking his vets to do so. This also means he is in control and keeps on top of his herd treatment plans in just a few clicks. With fertility, lameness, mobility, health all in one place it’s likely that the day to day running of the herd will become more efficient and the health of the herd will improve.

Graham Nowell, UK Manager at UNIFORM said: “I am delighted that Chris has chosen UNIFORM, and we look forward to working with him over the coming months and seeing how this has helped him with his day-to-day management decisions.”

If you would like to see a demonstration of UNIFORM Agri and understand what it can do to help the day to day running of your farm, please call the NMR customer services team on 03330 043043

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