New Johne’s ‘Progress Tracker’ reports now available for NMR HerdWise customers

NMR is pleased to announce that following the launch of the new Progress Tracker on 21 July 2021 by the Johne’s Action Group all NMR HerdWise customers are now able to benefit from a range of new Progress Tracker management reports through the NMR Herd Companion web portal.

These reports draw on the analysis conducted by The University of Reading on behalf of the Johne’s Action Group. The reports include the presentation of an average test value (ATV) for each herd – a new measure also developed by the Johne’s Action Group.

The ATV is the numerical average of the herd’s Johne’s milk test results at any given time. It will change over time to reflect both the number of animals infected and the severity of infection. This simple visual representation, alongside the progress tracker, will give a clear picture of disease progression both within and between herds.

Karen Bond, NMR veterinary adviser commented: “NMR aims to do all it can to support its customers in tackling Johne’s disease. The new Johne’s progress tracker reports available to our HerdWise customers represent a significant step forward in helping vets and producers understand what’s happening with Johne’s disease management at an individual farm level. We are therefore really pleased that this new functionality is now available. Such reports are also available through the InterHerd Plus programme that is widely used in vet practices which will help ensure informed decision making by both the vet and the farmer”

Examples of some of the new reports available through Herd Companion are provided below. They are designed to track Johne’s prevalence within the herd over time and illustrate the key drivers of Johne’s infection, for example, new detections (J4s), persistence (J5s) and culling and serving of infected cows. With such information NMR customers will be able to focus their attention where it is needed to accelerate progress in Johne’s control.

Johne's Tracker on Herd Companion
Johne's Tracker on Herd Companion
Johne's Tracker on Herd Companion
Johne's Tracker on Herd Companion

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