An exciting new service offer from NMR

NMR is now able to offer bull semen from, one of the leading suppliers in the UK.   Choose from over 30 of the top 100 PLI bulls in the UK bull index which have been chosen to assist UK Dairy Farmers to maximise the profitability of their herd. 


Milk Recording - Profitable decisions based on accurate data

Milk Samples are taken from each cow and tested for Butterfat, Protein and Somatic Cell counts.  Event information is recorded along with animal identities and ancestry data to provide a whole herd picture of Health, Fertility and feeding efficiency.


Re-use the NMR sample to confirm if your cow is in calf

The NEW Pregnancy Milk Testing service from NMR uses ELISA technology to detect if an animal is pregnant. Able to be used from 35 days post service, trials have shown good levels of accuracy (97%). No additional sampling is required, the result is reported back via iReports, and animals that are classed as ‘Recheck', are automatically retested free of charge the following month.

There is no minimum number of animals to be presented each month and no setup fee.