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What is it?

HerdWise logoA CheCS approved screening scheme for Johne’s where the whole herd is tested on a quarterly basis using your milk recording samples.

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Why should you do it?

Johne’s disease may be present in your herd despite not seeing any clinical signs. It is a disease that causes considerable economic losses through reduced productivity due to increased SCC and mastitis, lameness, poor yields all of which lead to premature culling.

What are the benefits?

By testing quarterly, you increase the chances of finding the disease early and minimising the damage caused from it remaining undetected. A cow’s antibody production to Mycobacterium paratuberculosis (MAP) varies and as such it makes interpretation on a single result difficult. Testing quarterly is designed to catch cows at varying levels of antibody production. The results will help inform management of infected cows to reduce the spread of the disease within the herd.

What is involved?

All cows that are in milk will be tested on a quarterly basis using your milk recording samples. This will be scheduled so you’ll know when the testing will occur to avoid tests happening within 42 days of a TB test. 

What happens next?

Your Area Field Manager can discuss the testing service with you, how it will work with your milk recording samples and provide you with a quote. Costs of testing are charged on a per cow basis and invoiced monthly but will vary depending on your herd size.

Your vet should be consulted and if they have any queries, we have two in-house vets who can offer support if needed.

For full details of our HerdWise service, please visit the NML website or contact Customer Services.

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