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Total Herd Recording - Ayrshire Cattle Society

This is for those of you that register cattle with ACS, and wish to pay your heifer registration fees on a monthly basis, rather than per calf registered. This process is called THR. The THR fee is based on the number of cows in the milking herd held within NMR.

If you register above the average number of heifer calves (by breeding most of your herd to Ayrshire, or using a high proportion of sexed semen), then you could make savings on your ACS registrations and also help manage your cash flow.
The price of THR is:
  • 26p/cow/month with paper registration certificates
  • 25p/cow/month without paper registration certificates 
All you have to do is complete an enrolment form and return to NMR. Once your completed form has been received, ACS will be notified electronically and they will then arrange the invoicing via your existing ACS Direct Debit.
Important: On THR you must be registering via the Telereg or the WebReg service. Includes only female calves registered under 3 months old.
For more information, please contact your NMR Area Field Manager or NMR Customer Services. They can work out if THR is worth doing for your herd.

THR Ayrshire Cattle Society Enrolment Form
THR- demonstrating strong co-operation between NMR and ACS, for YOUR benefit.