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Dairy producers can speed up the genetic progress of their herds using NMR's new Genetracker; a genomic testing service that identifies the genetic potential of the animal from a very young age. Genomics is already used in the UK for identifying the potential of young bulls, but is now becoming more popular for testing females.

Backing the right heifer or cow to breed from now doesn’t need to be so much of a gamble.
GeneTracker CalvesGenomic testing is now
becoming popular for females
What is GeneTracker?
NMR's GeneTracker uses the UK’s 1st non-hair, non-tag sampling system designed to reduce hassle, cross-contamination and improve welfare and accuracy, by not leaving a plastic tag behind or requiring you to pull hairs.
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The simple two-stage process allows you to take a tiny ear notch from any animal of any age and seal this within a pre-labeled vial, individually allocated to each individual animal.

The vials are then sent back to the central office for batch transport to our state of the art Genotyping laboratory.

Once the Genotype has been accurately produced, it is then sent to the Genetic Evaluation Centres run by AHDB Dairy - for Production, health, Fitness and Fertility traits and Holstein UK – for Conformation Traits.

You do need to milk record to use this service with one of the three ICAR accredited Milk Recording Organisations: NMR, CIS or UDF.
What are the Benefits to the Farmer?
A wise man once said “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. (Abraham Lincoln)

Would you employ staff on your farm without first interviewing them or asking to see a CV?

So why would you allow heifers to join the ‘quality employees’ in your herd without first finding out something about their potential – both good and bad?

By using GeneTracker to ‘interview’ and screen the heifers and even older cows in your herd you can:
  • Identify those likely to be expensive passengers and avoid rearing costs
  • Identify which heifers to breed/sell/implant
  • Interactive reports to quickly evaluate genetic potential, design selection & make breeding decisions
  • View youngstock, herd summary and individual animal reports
  • Access results for production, health, fertility, conformation and associated GPLI and GTM indexes
  • Screen for known genetic recessives – many free of charge
How do I Find Out More Information?
All online information about GeneTracker can be found at

This includes:
  • Dates for submission
  • Result release dates
  • Pricing
  • Explanations of the genetic recessives
  • Example reports
However you can’t find what they are looking for or would like to speak to someone in more detail, please call our dedicated GeneTracker Customer Services number 03300 241 334 or alternatively email