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Breed Society Registration Fees

Total Herd Recording (THR) is an option to pay for pedigree registrations per cow in herd from numbers provided to the breed society by NMR, rather than per certificate.

Our service covers Holstein UK, the Jersey Cattle Society and the Ayrshire Cattle Society.
Total Herd Recording (THR)
Total Herd Recording
If you register your calves with Holstein UK (HUK), the Jersey Cattle Society (JCS), or The Ayrshire Cattle Society, you could benefit from using NMR's Total Herd Recording (THR).
Do you:
  • Want to save money on breed registration fees?
  • Currently register your most of your calves with HUK, JCS or ACS?
  • Inseminate most of your cows with Holstein, Jersey, or Ayrshire semen?
  • Use sexed semen?
  • Register any bull calves? (HUK & JCS only)
  • Want to even out registration fee cash flow?
If ANY of your answers to the above questions is YES, then you need to think about using Total Herd Recording (THR). Paying a monthly fee based on the numbers of cows in the herd, rather than per certificate could be a cost effective and convenient option for you.

NOTE: On THR you must either telephone in your registrations or use the Internet registration service. 
English Guernsey Cattle Society headage Fees
If you are a levy paying member of the EGCS they have a unique arrangement with NMR where for a total fee of £9.50 per eligible adult cow per year (charged at 79p / cow / month) you get Society Membership plus all registration fees and classification charges covered. For more details please contact Caroline in the breed society office on 01822 870727.