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Software Training Services

NMR provides training for a range of software products aimed at the farm and veterinary market.

Along side NMR software products, NMR also provides training for parlour systems on behalf of Fullwood and GEA (formerly Westfalia).
All software sold by NMR comes with a comprehensive training package. Training is delivered online where possible allowing for more sessions and "bite size" learning, rather than trying to squeeze everything into one visit. This makes for better learning and absorbing of information. Group sessions are arranged regularly across the UK. Group sessions are particularly popular with customers as they provide an ideal environment for customers to swap ideas and learn from each others experiences.
NMR has a dedicated team of trainers covering all mainland UK and NI. The training staff have a wealth of experience of software systems and their application to the dairy industry and are well placed to deliver effective training, no matter where the customer is based. Systems and customer requirements are very different and training is adapted to meet individual requirements.

Software training is an important aspect of NMR software strategy, as it is crucial that customers are confident with the product, if they are to get maximum benefit from any software package.

If you have purchased a software program from us recently, you are probably entitled to a one to one training session. Depending on the software program you have bought will depend on what training package is available to you. If you would like to arrange a training or discuss details of your training package, please contact Software Support.

If you have been a customer of ours for some time and feel you would benefit from further training, please telephone us on the above number or alternatively you can contact us to discuss the options available to you.

Parlour software training

NMR offers telephone and e-mail support and training for Fullwood and GEA parlour software systems.

If you are interested in our support package, please contact Customer Services.

For information on the parlour software systems themselves, please visit: