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Pocket Companion

Pocket Companion is NMR’s mobile data service, accessed via

It's available to all our NMR and NML customers, providing an easy-to-use mobile version of Herd Companion. Developed for mobile and tablet devices, Pocket Companion is a quick and convenient way to view animal data on the move.
Pocket Companion

Key features include:

  • Access to management lists and individual cow records
  • Payment testing results live from NML laboratories
  • Access to NMR’s Johnes testing scheme - HerdWise
  • Optimised for efficient use on mobile devices

The benefits of using Pocket Companion include:

  • Available anytime, any place (internet connection required), ensuring your data is at hand if needed
  • Information is available within 48-hours post-recording
  • Consultants or advisors can work with current data – be it for forward planning or problem solving

For further information on Pocket Companion, please contact us.