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iReports is NMR's online reporting system. It is the quickest and most convenient way of viewing your NMR Recording data. The service is based online so it can be accessed from any PC, laptop or tablet with Internet access and the data shown will always be current.
iReports on iPad

The data is available to view as soon as the herd is updated, which means your results will be available 24-48 hours before your posted paper reports.

You may even feel you want to save £80 per year by switching the posted reports off.
iReports has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use, allowing reports to be viewed and printed quickly. However, some special functions have also been included such as filtering and grouping, making the iReports system a very powerful tool for viewing your herd's data.

iReports can be accessed via Herd Companion.

Key features:
  • Quicker access to your herd management data
  • Flexible reporting options including filtering, sorting and grouping
  • Dynamic action lists
  • Individual animal records including current lactation performance and PLI data
  • Reports include HerdWise risk status where available
iReports User Guide
What's new in iReports? (February 2016)

We’ve had an update!

The iReports team has been working away on a new update of the iReports site for the past couple of months.  Those of you with a keen eye will notice that we have introduced a new menu system which means that your normal routine may be upset but we are sure you will soon get the hang of the new setup!

So what else is new?

Youngstock Report

We have introduced a dedicated Youngstock Report. Found under the ‘Management & Action Lists’ heading, this report lists all of your Youngstock animals, their identity details, age, parentage and current fertility status. The report includes all of the standard iReports functionality (Grouping, filtering, sorting etc.) However to improve the user experience we have chosen to include dedicated filter buttons which will reduce the list to show only animals due to be served, due to PD and due to calve. The report also includes the ability to ‘shape’ the list to reflect the management of your herd with the inclusion of ‘age to serve (Months)’ and ‘days to PD’ parameters. And don’t forget to look in the field chooser to see if there are any columns you may wish to include!
Youngstock Report iReports Feb 2015
New Youngstock Report - Feb 2016
Cows to Dry List

The Cows to Dry List was great, we’ve just made it better! To coincide with the launch of the Selective Dry Cow Tool we have introduced the option to define your own SCC level. Changing the SCC level affects the count of high SCC in the lactation, days since the last high and also the highlighting of the SCCs. If you record your mastitis data then the Cows to Dry List will be fully compatible with your selective dry cow management.

For further information on the NML Selective Dry Cow Tool, visit

Genetracker Results

GeneTracker Results, available under the Evaluation & Testing heading, lists all of your completed GeneTracker testing.  The genomic evaluations have been split into categories to make reviewing the data more manageable though all can be included on the screen at once if necessary. Further GeneTracker data is available via the individual animal record.

For more details about GeneTracker service, visit
Disease results on Animal Record

The Animal Record now includes the disease test data originating from the milk sample. Herd Wise, Herd Tracker and Milk BVD results are included.
We have added a number of requested items to lists including; Sire name on the PTA/PLI list and ‘DIM on the service date’ to the Cows to PD list and there are a number of minor fixes.
If you have any comments or requests for the iReports system please use the Provide Feedback option and tell us, or by emailing
We hope you like and benefit from the updates,

The iReports development team