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InterHerd+ KPI Study 2017

The eighth annual study by Dr James Hanks and his team at the University of Reading describing key performance indicators of production, fertility and health in commercial black and white dairy herds in the United Kingdom is now available to download (see link below). The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are based on milk recording data from 500 commercial black and white herds for the 12 month period ending on 31st August 2017.
The range in performance across these herds is described for 38 parameters clearly showing the wide differences in performance, as well as huge potential for improvement, in commercial dairy herds. This includes 6 additional parameters (including mastitis rate/100 cows in milk/year) shown since the 2016 study.
The principal objective throughout has been to provide farmers and technical advisers with accurate and up-to-date information on the variation in performance of commercial dairy herds.
This report also includes the changes in herd performance since the first report in 2010 showing the trends in herd performance over that period.
The calculations used to generate these parameters are identical to those used by the InterHerd+ program allowing farmers and technical advisers to compare the performance of any milk recording herd directly with the 500 herd sample that is representative of the national performance. In other words, for each parameter is the performance of my herd typical/outlying, good/acceptable/poor when compared to the 500 herds? This leads on to “Why is a parameter where it is? Which parameters could/should we improve/prioritise and what are the likely implications?” If this promotes discussion between farmers and their technical advisers into the different causes and options for improvement then the study has served its primary purpose.
A KPI template of 80 parameters for use in InterHerd+ is also available for users to update the KPI parameters to the target values from the 2017 study.
Holstein Friesian NMR 500 Herds 2017 Report

Holstein Friesian NMR 500 Herds 2017 Template

To save and import the new KPI template:
  1. Right mouse click on the KPI template button above and select Save Target As or Save Link As.
  2. Save the document into your InterHerd+ program folder.
  3. Open InterHerd+, Data, herd details.
  4. Click Import KPI options.
  5. Locate your saved template.
  6. Click Open.

Please note saving the KPI template into the InterHerd+ program folder allows the use of the KPI when creating a new herd.

Please contact Software Support if you require any help with this template.