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InterHerd+ KPI Study 2016

This is the seventh annual study of performance in Holstein Friesian herds, covering the 12 months up to 31st August 2016. The 500 study herds are selected to ensure they are representative of all black and white herds (from the best to the worst) that milk record with NMR in the UK. The study, led by Dr James Hanks at The University of Reading, describes the range of performance across the 500 herds for over 30 fertility, production and health parameters.  

Primarily these studies provide farmers and advisers with up to date information on performance levels currently achieved in the UK and the variation between herds. These results are used in InterHerd+ to highlight individual herd strengths and weaknesses. They also provide farmers with realistic and achievable target values. The targets are set at the level achieved by one in four farms.
National trends 2010 – 2016: Combining results from the seven annual studies gives a measure of national changes in performance over five years. Section 4 reviews results from all 7 studies with encouraging trends in nearly all fertility and milk quality parameters between 2010 and 2016.
A KPI template based on these 2016 figures is also available below for import in to InterHerd+.

Holstein Friesian NMR 500 Herds 2016 Report

Holstein Friesian NMR 500 Herds 2016 Template

To save and import the new KPI template:
  1. Right mouse click on the KPI template button above and select Save Target As or Save Link As.
  2. Save the document into your InterHerd+ program folder.
  3. Open InterHerd+, Data, herd details.
  4. Click Import KPI options.
  5. Locate your saved template.
  6. Click Open.

Please note saving the KPI template into the InterHerd+ program folder allows the use of the KPI when creating a new herd.

Please contact Software Support if you require any help with this template.