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Why milk record?

Simply put, if you cannot measure, you cannot manage.  In the era of fluctuating milk prices, making small controlled changes to the dairy farm structures and systems, based on impartial information is one of the best approaches to improving profitability.
NMR Unlock the potential of your herd
Milk Recording
NMR supports you to make informed decisions covering:
  • Bulk milk tank volume and quality
  • Somatic cell counts in the bulk tank (SCC)
  • Poor breeders
  • Daily action lists of cows to review
  • The PD status of animals
  • Johne’s status of animals
  • Breeding programs and genetic evaluations
  • Ancestry records to improve genetic gain
How can I see the results?
NMR reports are available via paper, online and smart phones. To access the NMR data online, you will need your username and password from Customer Services.
iReports are part of Herd Companion and Pocket Companion. They are free to all NMR customers, and include:
  • Action lists
  • Pregnancy test results
  • High cell count cows
  • Latest milk recording
  • Flexible reporting
  • Persistency records
  • Genomic results
  • PTA/PLI listings
  • Ancestry certificates
iReports on iPad
How does it work?

Your Milk Recorder or Sampler is one the most important members of the NMR team. To get most value from them, please ensure they have access to all the animal events (including service, PD, Mastitis and Lameness records). Ask for your herd ancestry records to be checked and updated. You will then see a bigger, more complete picture of your herd.

There are four main milk recording services:

The milk recorder needs space to work in the milking parlour and a system for taking milk samples safely and efficiently.  Time is required to ensure a representative sample is taken correctly.  This is to ensure you get an accurate reflection of the individual cow’s performance.

NMR can import data from many different software programs as well sending data back to: Afi Milk, Dairy Comp 305, Delaval, Farm Wizard, Fullwood, Gascoigne, Herdsman, Interherd, Kingswood, Lely Robots, Orchid, Summit, Surge, Uniform, and Westfalia.

There is also the NMR diary, designed specifically to allow all the animal events to be recorded in a logical and efficient manner, meeting the requirements of DEFRA and the Red Tractor scheme.
​You can also export any report to Excel.

Further information on iReports can be found in the Software section of this website or by contacting Customers Services.

Further Information on iReports