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NMR Herd Management Diary

The 2021 diary includes an improved Herd Health Plan and Management section so that they are fully compliant with the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme.
In addition to sections on service records, calving details, animal movements and medical records including summary pages for the use of antibiotics, there are several new pages to allow for records on vermin control, body condition score and mobility, as well as medicine disposal records and improved waste management.

The diary section incorporates a designated area for mastitis recording as previously but now includes monthly dividers on strong card enabling the user to access individual months more easily.
This year we have a larger folder size with reinforced ring binder mechanism, as well as a pocket inside the front cover to hold extra paperwork.

Should extra pages for the diary section (no dates) or antibiotic summary section be required, these are available free of charge from Customer Services and can be used with the ring binder.

The diary is priced at £30.50 plus VAT.

To order a diary, please contact Customer Services.