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What is Grazing4?

  • Grazing4 is a milk recording service that is specifically designed for herds that 'seasonally calve'.
  • The 4 recordings per year can be timed to suit the farm system, normally when the majority of the animls have just calved, at 60 days post calving, at 10 weeks pre-drying off and just prior to drying off.
  • This gives maximum benefit from the recording and the milk sample, including peak and accumulative yield and cell counts, along with weights and percentages of butterfat and protein.

Benefits of recording using Grazing4

  • Identifying cows that are performing below and above the average, in order to drive genetic gain.
  • By removing or not breeding from former and using the latter = double improvement. This closes the gap between cows' performance and creates opportunity for the business. Averages can 'hide a lot of noise'!
  • Cell count results to manage bulk milk cells.
  • Cell count results to manage SDCT to reduce the cost of antibiotic use and also avoid giving animals antibiotics unnecessarily.
  • Fast efficient service, with results back quickly via PC, tablet or phone so that decisions can be made in a timely way.
  • Cow data stored on NMR's database from easily accessible information on the Herd Companion website, including KPI measurements.
  • Making use of NML payment testing results in conjunction with NMR data on Herd Companion.
  • Data links to on-farm software so making better use of the information produced.
  • Cow records used bull evaluations at AHDB to enable more reliable breeding decisions.
  • Collated Johne's results using the HerdWise scheme which is a CHeCs accredited Johne's surveillance programme that is fully compliant witht he National Johne's Action Group plans.
  • PD option - a hassle free way to PD animals early, ro to check still in-calf before drying off.
  • Monthly payments to spread costs over the year. Any labour required is changed hourly, to advantage the farms with efficient systems.

Additional chargeable options

  • Johne's results can be obtained by using the same sample, to identify those animals at risk of transmitting John's to other animals in the  herd.
  • Milk Preganancy testing can be done on the same sample any time time after 35 days.
  • Labour can be provided for sampling (if required).
  • Waikato milk meters can be hired (if required).
For more information please speak to your Area Field Manager or call customer services on  03330 043 043.

Grazing4 Factsheet