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Essential Sampling

Essential Sampling is for farmers who want a simple testing service for milk quality, without the need to record any event information.
If you require regular testing there is a monthly subscription service. If you only want to test now and again, the service can be used on an ad hoc basis.

Essential Sampling is also ideal to use in between a regular recording service if milk quality needs to be checked more often.
You can also only test the cows you are interested in, there is no requirement to test the whole herd.

Options available:
  • Cell count
  • Fat and protein
  • Yield per cow (additional cost)
  • History per cow (additional cost)
  • Pregnancy testing (additional cost)
  • Tests for additional diseases - Lepto, IBR, BVD and Johnes (additional cost)
  • Sampler to take the milk samples (additional cost)
Results by:
  • Post
  • Email - CSV file (for spreadsheets and on-farm software)
  • Fax
  • Text messaging (the worst 10 cell count results)
Customers using on farm software or automated parlours can receive a comma separated (CSV) file by email which can be used in most spreadsheet packages and on farm software. The file will contain fat, protein, cells and yield if required.

Ordering is very easy. We can take orders by credit card over the phone, or set up a direct debit for you. We can even send someone to take the samples for you.

Prices start from as little as 75 pence per cow (200 samples would cost 93p per cow paid by Direct Debt or £1.13p per cow for the Ad Hoc service).

Full instructions are provided with each kit and there is no minimum or maximum number of samples you can take.

To request this service or for further information, please contact Customer Services.