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Assisted Recording

This is a comprehensive monthly service enabling you to benefit from authenticated milk production information and valuable genetic data. Using this service level ensures data quality is of top quality, generating accurate reports, action lists, providence records to third parties, as well as data backed up on our central database for retrieval if required.
Milk Recorders

All milk yields, samples and event information are collected and authenticated by the NMR Recorder. This means you do not need to employ a member of farm staff to take milk samples, note yields and events, and prepare the data for the lab. 
Customers receive paper management reports on cell counts, fertility, production and genetic evaluation.  These can be switched off and a discount applied.

Records are also available on line through iReports, which can sorted, filtered and exported to CSV.

Samples and yields are analysed at one of our three laboratories and management reports are usually back on the farm within two days; our labs work 24/7 and we have  our own transport fleet.

Additional tests can be applied to the individual cow milk samples to test for Pregnancy, BVD, Lepto, IBR and Johne’s.   All you need to do is let your milk recorder know which animals need which test and the lab systems do the rest – no additional sampling required, saving time and hassle in the milking parlour.

Rapid developments in the field of PCR testing means that animals will be able to be have the types of Mastitis present, tested as well. (Additional charges apply).

This service is also available at 3, 6 or 8 weekly intervals.

The cost of recording can start from as little as £16.00 per cow per year for an assisted service for the average 200 cow herd.

To request this service or for further information, please contact Customer Services.