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Virus attack on NMR: Update 16th December 2019   

Milk Recording
We are now reaching a ‘business-as-usual’ phase in our operations and all systems for recording and testing have been fully restored and fortified. The full milk recording service is being provided and completed within the normal timescales. All processing of event and milk yield data from any previous interim recordings, has been completed. Please note: system generated estimates for butterfat and protein are shown for these interim recordings. Cell counts are not estimated, so that field appears blank on the paper reports and on Herd Companion, until we have infilled the actual cell count data from the csv files that were produced. We are currently working on enabling a process to infill these results into the NMR database.
Herd Companion & other software
Herd Companion is available to view milk recording information. Up to date NML test data is viewable to all farms using the Milk Quality Monitor reports on Herd Companion.
The real time data link with the Uniform program has been restored and the InterHerd+ data download has been enabled for farmers, vets, consultants and other 3rd parties.  CDL and Datastream files are being produced for on farm software.
Pocket Companion via is available to all NMR and NML customers, providing an easy-to-use mobile version of Herd Companion. Developed for mobile and tablet devices, Pocket Companion is a quick and convenient way to view animal and bulk tank data on the move.

Other testing
The turnaround performance from our main Four Ashes laboratory on this testing and reporting is back to the normal 5 days. Our Hillington laboratory in Scotland has turnaround for Johne’s samples of 10 days. Milk pregnancy (PAG) samples being tested and reported and the turnaround times are back to normal, as is BVD tissue testing. Services such as Nordic Star eartags and GeneTracker continue to be available.
NML Payment testing
All our routine payment testing and reporting systems are as per usual reporting times, so if you are not receiving reports in the format or at the frequency you expect please let us know.
Please also note we can provide test results over the ‘phone seven days a week on 01902 749920 (8am-5pm weekdays and 8am-4pm weekends). We can also be contacted via email at:

Comment from Andy Warne, NMR Group MD
“There's still some work to do in the background and we are backfilling any missing data. I would again like to thank customers and stakeholders for their support and patience during a period of disrupted service and to reassure them that there was no threat to their own systems from NMR and no personal data was lost.
NMR is working with external cyber-security experts to identify, isolate and sanitise the cyber infection, and subsequently to determine the works required to mitigate the risk of attack. We are accelerating the work to renew our remaining legacy software and this project impacts many areas of the UK dairy industry where data is transferred from one system to another and where different data formats are required.
For example, some older systems, including some used on farms, require a CDL file, therefore NMR is committed to producing this format. However, the CDL format was originally designed to compress data to put it on a floppy disc, and programs required to produce this file are difficult to protect from cyber-attack.
IT is very fast-moving and this recent attack and disruption has emphasised the need to put security at the top of our agenda, so we will work with our customers as we move away from supporting these older systems. The NMR management team is fully committed to an advanced and highly secure system.’’
Further updates on progress will be published on the NMR website.
If you have any queries, please contact NMR customer services 03330 043 043, or your AFM.
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