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Virus attack on NMR: Update 11th November 2019   

As previously reported, the NMR Group was subjected to a virus attack on Friday 13th September.  We responded immediately by shutting down all systems as a precautionary measure.  Most systems are now up and running and we are making good progress with updating the data base with all the milk recordings and disease testing that has been carried while using interim processes.
Milk Recording
The full milk recording service is being provided and is being completed within the normal timescales. We are almost up to date with processing the event and milk yield data from any previous interim recordings. Please note: system generated estimates for butterfat and protein are shown for these recordings. Cell counts are not estimated, so that field will appear blank on the paper reports and on Herd Companion, until we have infilled the actual milk quality data from the csv files that were produced on the interim service. We are currently working on enabling a process for this.
Herd Companion & other software
Herd Companion is available to view milk recording information and any missing information will gradually be updated as we get through the processing work. Up to date NML test data is viewable to all farms using the Milk Quality Monitor system.
The real time data link with the Uniform programme has now been restored and the InterHerd+ data download has been enabled for farmers, vets, consultants and other 3rd parties.  CDL and datastream files are now being produced for on farm software.
Pocket Companion via is now available to use again to all NMR and NML customers, providing an easy-to-use mobile version of Herd Companion. Developed for mobile and tablet devices, Pocket Companion is a quick and convenient way to view animal and bulk tank data on the move.
Other testing
We continue to make progress on testing the backlog of Johne’s samples and the turnaround performance on this testing is now only 2-3 days behind what it is normally. The Herdwise calculations are now working, and most herds are up to date with the reporting on Herd Companion.
Johne’s surveillance and compliance with Red Tractor assurance standards for the 31st October deadline: Please be assured that Red Tractor were aware of some delays  in the lab as a consequence of this virus attack. Red Tractor have confirmed that they will consider each case of non- conformance individually as regards to Johne’s milk sample testing, by contacting us directly to confirm the status of samples. Alongside this there is also the standard 28-day period to address any non-conformances.
Milk pregnancy (PAG) samples are now being tested and reported. Services such as Nordic Star eartags and GeneTracker continue to be available, although there will be a delay on BVD Tag and Test reporting of approx. a week after receiving the samples, so if these results are needed urgently please speak to the Nordic Team before sending them in.

NML Payment testing
All our routine payment testing and reporting systems are now back to normal so if you are not receiving reports in the format or at the frequency you expect please let us know. The increased security on our systems caused some issues last week, but we are now back to normal in terms of reporting and we apologise for the delays in reporting of results that some experienced.
Please also note we can provide test results over the ‘phone seven days a week on 01902 749920 (8am-5pm weekdays and 8am-4pm weekends). We can also be contacted via email at:

Comment from Andy Warne, NMR Group MD
“I sincerely apologise for the disruption to the NMR Group services in recent weeks. I would like to thank all our customers for their continued patience as we continue to work on the recovery of our systems and catch up with the backlog of testing and reporting.  The business has benefitted from the input of several external experts who are reviewing our backup recovery processes and making recommendations for improvements.
As well as thanking our customers for their understanding during this challenging time, I would also like to thank all our staff, milk recorders and samplers for their hard work in accommodating the disruption to the normal processes caused by the virus.
I would like to reiterate that there has been no data breach as a result of this virus attack, and our laboratory testing services remain as robust as ever. Our investigation into the source of the virus continues with the help of three different expert consultancies, each of which are focussing on different areas relating to the cyber security. The virus attack has also been reported to the National Cyber Crime Security Centre and the police are involved.  We are confident we are more robust as a result of changes made to our systems in recent weeks, but there will be no reduction in the focus of our business on the security of our systems and the data we hold’’

Further updates on progress will be published on the NMR website.
If you have any queries, please contact NMR customer services 03330 043 043, or your AFM.
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