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Unlock the potential of your herd through milk recording

Published April 7th 2017

In this era of fluctuating milk prices, making small controlled changes to herd management, based on the highest quality information, is one of the best approaches to improving profitability.

The informed decision making that a milk sample can now support is far greater than simply monitoring fats, protein and somatic cell counts (SCC). Not only can the sample provide a pregnancy diagnosis and Johne’s test, it can also provide the basis for energy balance and genetic evaluations – two areas where greatest gain can be made from a herd management perspective.

It is acknowledged by leading dairy farmers, vets, nutritionists and consultantsthat milk recording is a valuable tool to improve efficiency, milk quality, genetic advancement, and animal health/welfare.

NMR provides a range of cost-effective recording options, with recording frequencies from 3-8 weekly, assisted or DIY, and reporting through printed reports or the internet. The data can also be used within a range of dairy farm management software, including InterHerd and UNIFORM.

Milk recording services provided by NMR are fully ICAR accredited, as are NML’s laboratories in Hillington (Glasgow) and Wolverhampton, providing producers with assurances for the standard of the processes followed and the quality of the testing services and data provided.

“For nearly 75 years, NMR Group has been providing the tools for producers to manage their cows' production, health, fertility and breeding. Our products and services deliver the highest quality intelligence and results across the industry to make profitable production possible,” commented Jonathan Davies, NMR National Field Manager.

In July 2016, the European Commission presented a package of measures to support livestock farmers in the face of on-going market difficulties.   Using this  package the Scottish Government is allocating £2.4m to support active dairy farmers in Scotland to help boost economic sustainability.

Those applying for the scheme must be currently performing ‘forward milk production profiling’ and ‘milk recording’ or alternatively willing to put both practices in place. Applications for the scheme opened on 1st April and close at 5.00pm 1st May 2017.

NMR is able to offer a range of recording services for Scottish dairy farmers with samples tested through its 7 day a week laboratory in Glasgow. These recording services all come complete with a free quarterly milk profiling service that generates a 12 month milk prediction based on individual herd calving pattern and milk yield data.

Information and guidance notes on the EU Adjustment Aid scheme for Scotland can be found on The Scottish Dairy Hub at

Details of NMR Group’s ‘milk recording’ and ‘forward milk production profiling’ services can be found at, as well as by contacting NMR Customer Services on 03330 043 043 or at