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BUY 10 – GET 10 FREE

NMR and veterinary diagnostics company IDEXX are encouraging producers to use a simple PAG milk test to check dairy cow pregnancy, with a spring offer of buy 10 and get 10 free tests up to April 30, 2021.
The PAG test looks for Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins – or PAGs – in milk. These are pregnancy specific as they are produced by the placenta once pregnancy is established. It can accurately detect pregnancy loss from 28 days post service.
PAG tests use the milk samples collected at routine recording, or a sample sent to the laboratory using a self-sampling PAG testing kit. Results are available on NMR’s Herd Companion site between two and five days after the tests arrive at the laboratory.
Around one in five cows may lose a pregnancy from 28 days after breeding. NMR recommends using PAG tests for re-confirming pregnancy from 70 days after service, to complement the routine fertility programme. The test has been shown to reliably confirm pregnancy in at least 98% of cows between 70- and 100-days post service.
The NMR offer - one per producer - is open to all milk producers and provides 10 free tests alongside 10 paid-for tests. All tests must be in one submission and be received at the NMR laboratory for testing on or up to April 30, 2021.
Producers can order kits to be sent direct, or made available through their milk recorder, by contacting their NMR field manager, calling customer services on 03330 043043, or emailing Terms and conditions apply.
PAG tests cost £3.60 each where the milk sample from routine NMR recording is used. Or, for ad-hoc testing or for non-NMR recording herds, 10 sample kits cost £8.24, including postage, for the kit and £3.60 for each milk sample submitted and tested for PAG.
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