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Scottish herd returns to top spot

Published January 19th 2017

Messrs Harvey from Beeswing in Dumfries have returned to top spot in NMR’s Annual Production Report for the year ending September 2016. Published this month (January) the report lists NMR’s top 1% of herds ranked on weight of fat and protein. Moving up from third place in the previous year, the herd now has an average of 946kg of fat and protein and a milk yield of 13,079kg on three-times-a-day milking based on 325 qualifying cow lactations.
In second place, for the third year in succession, is John Shropshire’s 53-cow herd, from Market Drayton in Shropshire, with 899kg of fat and protein and 13,545kg of milk.
In third place is Jenkin and Son from Cornwall, with a fat and protein yield of 895kg and milk yield of 12,867kg on twice-a-day milking.
New names into the top 10 ranking include W&P Ives from Hampshire, the Leadbetter’s Derbyshire-based herd, Vortex Holsteins from Dorset, J Rowland’s Somerset-based herd and JL Trow’s herd from Shropshire.
In the Shorthorn listings, JS Knowles from Yorkshire takes top place with 647kg of fat and protein and 8,824kg of milk. New in top place, moving from fourth, in the Ayrshire rankings is Broadley and Sons, from Derbyshire with 609kg of fat and protein and 8,375kg of milk.
While the Wadman’s Somerset-based herd remains the top Jersey herd, S Robert from Guernsey moves from eighth to first for the Guernsey breed with 610kg of fat and protein and 6,833kg of milk.
Nerewater Farm’s herd from Cumbria is a newcomer at the top of the British Friesian rankings with 670kg of fat and protein and 8,859 kg of milk.
In the Holstein breed genetic rankings, T H Davies remains in top place for the sixth successive year. This Gloucestershire-based herd has an average herd PLI of £251. In second place, up from fourth, is Ludwell and Son’s herd from Devon with a PLI average of £213, followed in third place, and with the largest herd size of 320 cows, by Easom and Sons’ Derbyshire-based herd with a PLI of £210.

Fall in somatic cell counts in main dairy breeds
NMR’s latest Annual Production Report for the year ending September 2016 shows that all the main dairy breeds, with more than 1% of total recorded lactations, have reduced their average somatic cell counts (SCC) while reporting small increases in milk yield and milk constituents.
The Holstein breed, that represents 72.8% of total NMR recordings, shows a reduction of 8,000cells/ml in SCC to 177,000cells/ml against an increase of 9kg in fat and protein and 82kg in milk to record highs of 639kg and 8,953kg respectively. Calving interval dropped by four days to 410 days.
Average SCC in the Ayrshire breed has seen a drop of 17,000cells/ml to 158,000cells/ml with the Jersey breed reducing its average to 180,000cells/ml and the British Friesian to 162,000cells/ml.

The national tables rank the top 1% of NMR-recorded herds by breed, based on fat and protein production and on genetic merit for the year ending September 2016. Herds are also ranked, within breeds, by county. A full list is available on the NMR website NMR customers can access the information using an individual password available from NMR on 03330 043 043 or