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Proving reliability breeds success

Published April 6th 2017

The first proof run of 2017! is delighted with a world class selection of bulls that show consistency and stability across the indexes. celebrates 10 years of trading this year. With many changes to indexes over the last 10 years, we are very proud to have been one of the first companies in the UK to bring genomic bulls to the market place. Our early acceptance of genomic testing has brought a number of bulls to show consistency in their transition to Daughter Proven Indexes.

Kings-Ransom Erdman (PLI £623) has remained the breed leader for Longevity (+0.8) and has held this status now for a number of proof runs. He has added more daughters to his US proof 4768 daughters in 661 herds. Erdman is excellent for reducing stature and producing low maintenance daughters (-23 Maintenance Index). He has remained consistent in this proof run.

Prehen Omen (Ex94) from the Relough herd remains the No 1 UK Bred Daughter Proven PLI bull. Excellent for reducing stature and adding strength. His reliability and consistent score for particularly Protein (19.5Kgs +0.19%) should suit many herd requirements.

Co-op Robust Cabriolet adds a small number of UK daughters to an already impressive proof of more than 5000 Daughters worldwide. Cabriolet is excellent for Fat and Protein improvement and will reduce size. Customers with the first milking daughters have described them as good, trouble- free milkers!

Going from a Genomic to a Daughter Proven Index has increased scores for Pride Mogul Tampa. With Industry reductions to Type Merit scores this proof run, Tampa has maintained his score at +3.05 Type Merit. He is now a Top 5 Bull for Daughter Proven Type and with the best score for Longevity (+0.6) in the Top 10.

Consistency continues with genomic bulls.
Co-op Troy Gage becomes a breed leader for Lifespan with a score of +0.8. Gage, a Troy son (Troy also available with an improved daughter proof) is an example of a Fitness Trait Specialist also with an excellent score of + 2.05 for Locomotion.
Daughters of TroyDaughters of Troy
Ambassador (Troy x Supersire), a genomic bull that has a third proof run increases index points by 21 to £676 PLI. Excellent for improving health traits he will offer another choice to increase genetic potential.

New bulls so far include Enterprise, a Penmanship son, high Index PLI £698. Enterprise is excellent for quality improvement, production and fitness traits a complete all round choice.

Landview a Supershot son will be available as Sexed Semen and will offer Type merit + 2.26, Milk 641 Kgs with Fat at +26.5 Kgs and Protein at +21.9 Kgs.

 “We are delighted with our new selection of bulls. Planning your herd and investing in the right genetics is the real value for money. We are confident that the bulls we have selected from our top class international suppliers can do that.” says Tracey Gretton, Product Manager.

The 10th anniversary edition of The Bull Book will be available early May. For information on their current bull selection please phone 0808 202 3230 or visit