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NMR launches Herd Companion with real-time data at UK Dairy Day 2017

Published September 5th 2017

"The power of real-time events"

NMR’s web based dairy management system Herd Companion has had a major upgrade to include real-time data entry and reporting. This latest version will be available at UK Dairy Day on September 13th.

“This is a significant development,” says NMR director Jonathan Davies. “Producers will now be able to add events, through a PC or tablet, onto their NMR system. There will be no need for any duplicate data entry.”

Not only will this save time and improve recording efficiency, it will also improve the accuracy of the records. “Recording information in real-time has significant advantages,” adds Mr Davies. “The information will be updated on the NMR database immediately and it will have real-time links with the dairy management systems UNIFORM and InterHerd+.

Herd Companion has been used by producers, vets and advisers for cow management for the past 10 years. “These additional features lifts Herd Companion to a new level by providing access to current and up-to-date action lists and reports. Management decisions can be more informed, timely and accurate.”

New data security features are also being introduced in the latest Herd Companion. Producers will control access to their herd’s data by setting up specific access permissions rather than sharing login details and passwords.

The primary users – producers and herd staff – will also be able to add and update data and access cow information from third parties.

NMR will be on stand L2 in the Ludlow Hall at UK Dairy Day on September 13, 2017 to demonstrate the new Herd Companion.

Further information is also available from the NMR web site: or by contacting NMR Software Support on 03330 043 043 or at

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