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NMR customers can now access Herd Companion Pro free of charge

Published March 4th 2016

NMR has extended use of Herd Companion Pro free of charge to all of our Core Recording customers meaning that you can now benefit from the additional functionality and reporting.

How do you access Herd Companion Pro?
  • Herd Companion Pro is accessed in the normal way; via the Herd Companion login at  or directly at
  • The login user code is your herd number and the password is the same 4 digits as previously used with PRO added at the end
  • If you already have a PRO login you will be able to continue using this
  • Your standard Herd Companion login still exists and is still activeYou may choose to amend the Herd Companion Pro password. To do this please contact NMR Customer Services on 03330 043 043. 
So what does that mean for you if you are a NMR Core Recording customer?
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Key Performance Indicators logoNMR customers now have access to Key Performance Indicators. Containing eighteen different parameters, calculated as rolling yearly averages, performance can be measured and monitored to ensure the herd is making progress in your key areas of interest.

Ave Somatic Cell Count Report

Use the KPI benchmarking tool to compare your herd’s performance with other ‘similar’ herds. Choose any of the eighteen KPI figures and graph them against groups of herds of the same size, breed or production parameter.  Understand how your herd performance compares with others and observe your progress.

Use the ‘herd overview’ to instantly identify where your herd is doing well and where there could be improvement. Create your own herd targets based upon your current performance and on what other herds are actually achieving.
KPIs at a glance
Health Monitor (SCC Analysis) Reports
Health Monitor LogoNMR customers will now be able to access the reporting section of the Heath Monitor. There are four report sections which support the graphical data by providing the animals at risk in each section. You can use the reports to view animals which had high somatic cell counts previously and identify what their current status is or use the dry period report to see the animals where their cell count was high at their first recording.
Cows with SCC values
For further information or support, please contact Customer Services, or 03330 043 043.