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New Energy Balance service introduced

Published August 17th 2016

Nutritionists and vets are being encouraged to take advantage of NMR’s new Energy Balance service, ahead of the winter feeding period.

Developed by NMR and SRUC, and funded by Innovate UK, the service uses individual cow milk samples, which are collected for milk recording purposes, to provide an energy balance result for each cow throughout her lactation.

“It uses the same fingerprinting technology that is used to test milk quality,” says NMR product manager Vicky Hicks. “Producers, and their vets and nutritionists, can access the results from a dedicated page on the Herd Companion web site and from this they can see which cows, or groups of cows, are in negative energy balance and need attention.”

Body condition scoring over time is a reflection of energy balance, but by the time a loss in condition is noticed it is too late to remedy any issues. Identifying cows that are suffering from lack of energy through a milk test is a proactive, rather than reactive, approach and actions can be taken to help minimise production losses, disease and poor fertility. Poor energy balance is a precursor for conditions such as ketosis, which in itself is a gateway condition to metritis, infertility, lameness and mastitis.

"We are offering dairy advisers a free trial so they can see how the Energy Balance tool works in practice,” adds Ms Hicks. “It could be of particular interest to autumn calvers and also to late season grazers where the nutrient quality of grass is often over-estimated and can lead to cows being in negative energy.”

Advisers can request a free trial for their NMR recorded customers by contacting Vicky Hicks ( or visiting the NMR stand at the UK Dairy Day, Telford, on September 14.

Find out more about our Energy Balance service