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Genetic Base Change April 2020

April sees the latest AHDB genetic evaluation run which, this time, includes the shift to the new PTA 2020 base.

This 5 yearly process is undertaken by AHDB and involves adjusting the levels for production, functionality and health traits so that the base for each trait now relates to an average cow born in 2015. In principal, the base scores of 0 in any trait mean that the animal has genetic potential in that trait equivalent to the breed average for animals born in 2015.

What this means- the most noticeable thing that will happen is that individual values of predicted transmitting abilities and indexes for your animals will be lower than previously, however, the best animals will continue to rank as the best animals, just with lower overall values.

Please visit our Herd Companion website to review your genetic data on using the inGENEious tools section. If you need any help with access or use, please contact NMR Customer Services on 03330 043043 or 

Click here for the AHDB Genetic Base Change factsheet.