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15 February 2021
NMR and veterinary diagnostics company IDEXX are encouraging producers to use a simple PAG milk test to check dairy cow pregnancy, with a spring offer of buy 10 and get 10 free tests up to April 30, 2021.
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Genetic Base Change April 2020
20 April 2020
April sees the latest AHDB genetic evaluation run which, this time, includes the shift to the new PTA 2020 base.
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NMR launches UK's first subscription-based genomic testing service.
20 August 2019
NMR is introducing a subscription based genomic testing option within its GeneTracker service at UK Dairy Day, Telford, on September 11, 2019.
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Sire hunt
25 January 2019

Are you sitting on a £50 cheque? We are looking for some old sires that might be lurking in your AI flask.

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NMR launches 'smart' tool for analysing genetic and genomic information
12 September 2018

NMR has launched its new herd analysis tool inGENEious at the UK Dairy Day, Telford (September 12, 2018)
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NMR delivers Veterinary CPD course across the UK on genomics
07 July 2018
The veterinary profession in the UK is becoming increasingly interested in using genomics science to assist with key herd breeding decisions relating to health,fertility and longevity on dairy farms. There are currently 33 genomic traits available in the UK, many of which lend themselves towards health and fitness and interested practices are already considering how to incorporate genomics into Heard Health Planning strategies.NMR, in partnership with Dr Ian Cumming MRCVS, have been running CPD courses introducing 'GCSE level Genomics' around the UK, including two with VetsWest. During the workshop, the biology of genomics is fully explained before moving to several case studies using NMR's web enabled GeneTracker technology giving vets hands-on-experience with the NMR "live data".
Veterinary feedback from the VetsWest CPD sessions includes "The structure of the course was good and the case studies were an excellent illistration of how successfully genomics could be used on farm".

Dr Ian Cumming MRCVS
NMR wins tender for genomic tests in AHDB TB advantage project
10 April 2018

NMR has won the tender to carry out 10,000 genomic tests on female Holstein animals in UK dairy herds, as part of a project for the Agricultural and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB)
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Big data helps develop new breeding traits
31 October 2016

National Milk Records has shared 9 billion rows of data gathered via routine milk recording with AHDB Dairy, which heralds the starting point for developing exciting new breeding traits.
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Genes to an end
12 September 2016
Genes to an end