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All new SCR SenseTime™ now available through NMR

The Allflex Group recently announced the official launch of SenseTime, and it is now available through NMR.
SenseTime is a sophisticated, modular cow monitoring solution that delivers data-driven, actionable information on the reproductive, health, nutritional and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups, for more productive farm management and operations.
Highly flexible, it is the first cow monitoring system that allows farmers to use either ear tags or neck tags, according to their preference. The cSense Flex (neck) tags are based on the SCR neck tags already in use on thousands of farms worldwide, and the eSense Flex (ear) tags are the newest and most advanced ear tags on the market. Exceptionally lightweight and durable, the ear tags are fast and simple to install, and are designed specifically for a high retention rate. They deliver a high return on investment, with cost-effective ongoing use.
SenseTime also offers farmers business flexibility, with a choice of application plan levels (Starter, Advanced, or Premium), a choice of payment options (upfront or monthly subscription), and compatibility with multiple user devices (PC, mobile phone, tablet, or dedicated SenseTime Panel) for accessing the full range of functionality, features and reports. All options can be expanded or changed to fit evolving needs.
With convenient single-box plug & play installation, easy upgrades, simple scalability, and integration with herd management systems, SenseTime delivers value from the start, with long-term investment protection. For true operational flexibility and peace-of-mind, mobile access and offline operation enable uninterrupted use from anywhere, at any time.
NMR will also continue to sell and provide support for SCR Heatime HR as well as Afimilk Silent Herdsman.
Further information is available from your Customer Account Manager or NMR Customer Services on 0330 043 043 or by emailing
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