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Microbiology Services

High somatic cell count and bactoscan results can have a major impact on your milk cheque, not just in terms of payment penalties but also lost production and poor animal health.
If your Bactoscan levels are rising, this can be caused by bacteria most commonly related to the milking parlour and plant hygiene.

We can help pinpoint specific areas that could be causing high Bactoscan results such as the bulk tank cleaning, plant cleaning or contamination from cows.
High Bactoscan readings may or may not coincide with high SCC results. Identifying which specific pathogen is causing mastitis/high SCC will determine the most effective treatment route as well as determining what preventative measures can be put in place to reduce SCC and further mastitis cases occurring. 

We offer three microbiology services: For detailed information on our Microbiology services, please visit the NML website or contact Customer Services.

NML Microbiology services