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Mastitis ID

What is it?

A PCR test to determine the presence and quantity of the most common contagious and environmental mastitis causing pathogens. If Staph. species are present, the test will also indicate if these bacteria are resistant to penicillin.
Why should you do it?

Identifying which specific pathogen is causing mastitis will determine which treatment will be effective as well as determining what preventative measures to put in place to stop further cases occurring. 
What are the benefits?

A single case of mastitis can cost between £70 and £250 due to dumped milk, treatment cost, additional time in the parlour and reduced milk yield in the rest of the current lactation as well as subsequent lactations.

Reducing the number of mastitis cases will therefore help your profit margins while improving herd health and animal welfare at the same time.

What's involved?

We recommend that individual cow samples are taken separately to milk recording ones to avoid any cross contamination. Call us with the number of cows you’d like to sample and we’ll send you a sampling kit with instructions for you to return to us via freepost.

We can also use your bulk milk samples stored in our fridge for a general picture of mastitis causing pathogens within the herd. Again, call us and we’ll arrange for the next available sample to be tested or we can select one that’s from a specific date if we have it stored. We can also arrange for bulk milk samples to be tested on a quarterly basis to provide more regular results without the hassle of requesting each sample separately.

What happens next?

Once we have your results, these will be available on Herd Companion and will be emailed to you directly. We can also send a copy to your vet for their records and to help you interpret results for the best cause of action.

Have you thought about combining the MastitisID with a Parlour Hygiene Suite on a bulk sample? Get the benefits of both sets of results for £45 + vat.

For full details of the Mastitis ID service, visit the NML website or contact Customer Services.

NML Mastitis ID Service