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Installation, training & support

All installations are subject to a site-survey before any order is placed. This helps ensure that your farm is being provided with the correct configuration to meet your requirements.

The key components of the Allflex SenseHub system are:
  • SenseHub Controller
  • cSense FLEX Collar
  • eSense FLEX Ear Tag
  • One of the following computer device
    • SenseHub Panel
    • Farm PC
    • Mobile or Tablet
SenseHub Controller
  • Single box serving as data server and antenna*
  • Single Ethernet cable connection - no direct power connection needed
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE ) – no power connection required
  • RF Coverage (500mx200m)
  • Complete system on farm, fully operational accessible also when internet is not working!
*Additional antennas can be added for larger area coverage
Training and Customer Support
Once the system has been installed, you will receive training sessions with expert software trainers either on farm or remotely.

You will also have access to efficient and experienced customer support professionals, including in-person support from the field team as well as the contact centre team.