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The NEW generation of cow monitoring.
SenseHub™ is a sophisticated, modular cow monitoring solution that delivers actionable information on the reproductive, health, nutritional and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups. With SenseHub, dairy farmers can make data-driven decisions for maximized productivity.
This unique solution offers a choice of neck or ear tags, as well as varied application plan levels, payment options, and user devices. All parts can be expanded or changed to fit evolving needs. Simple to install, use and maintain, and easily upgradable, SenseHub delivers value from the start, with long-term investment protection.
What are the benefits?
  • A new solution from the world leaders in and livestock monitoring and identification
  • Unmatched heat detection accuracy, with precise insemination timing guidance
  • Actionable insight for proactive, individualized health management
  • Advanced group monitoring
Key Features
Get a flexible solution that adjusts as your needs change
  • Choice of neck or ear tags
  • Flexible application plan levels*
  • Multiple user device options
  • Two payment options - UP (Upfront) and GO (Subscription)
Enjoy built-in simplicity and versatility from day one
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Grows with your farm
  • Easy and efficient use
Flexible Application Plan Levels*
Starter Advanced Premium

Heat Report
Cows with irregular Heat Report
Suspected for Abortion
Anestrous Cow Report

All Starter applications plus:
Health Report
Fresh Cow Report
Animals to Inspect Report
Distress Report
Distress Alerts

All starter and Advanced applicationd, plus:
Group Heat Stress Report
Group Consistency Report
Group Routine Report

System Features
Feature SenseHub™
Setup Single box serving as data server and antenna
PoE SenseHub™ Controller uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) - no power connection required
Dual tag compatibility eSense Flex cSense Flex
Max No of tags Up to 1,000
Tag lifetime Expected battery lifetime: eSense Flex - 3 years I cSense Flex - 7 years
Upgrades All components rempotely upgradeable
Connectivity Multiple users can connect through various types of devices
Intergration Herd management software connectivity
Communication 2.4G Hz - 802.15.4 SenseHub™ Controller area coverage 200 m x 500 m (656 ft x 1640 ft)
Next Step
For more information on Allflex SenseHub, please contact your Customer Account Manager or NMR Customer Services on 0330 043 043.
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