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Afimilk Silent Herdsman

Afimilk Silent Herdsman is a 24x7 monitoring system for cows and heifers based on a revolutionary neck mounted tag (collar). Afimilk Silent Herdsman is simple to install, operate and maintain and does not require anything beyond the basic knowledge of a PC system. Afimilk Silent Herdsman continually monitors a cow’s activity and automatically detects changes in normal behaviour, indicating patterns related to oestrus, eating and rumination.

It identifies the cow’s cycle, eliminating the need for costly human observations or the use of labour intensive alternatives. The result is a substantial increase in the successful identification of cows in oestrus, and those with the early onset of illness. To prolong the collar’s battery life, Afimilk Silent Herdsman flags an alert only when cows enter their critical states. Fertility, milk yield and operational efficiency are therefore maximised.
How does it work?
Detection of oestrus and other health-related conditions is automated using a proprietary Artificial Intelligence module, which processes data on the collar mounted activity monitor. Afimilk Silent Herdsman only transmits alerts that indicate changes in normal behaviour. Despite different farming practices across the world, cows’ patterns can be deployed globally.

These alerts represent activity patterns related to, but not confined to, oestrus, eating and rumination. This advanced software has the capability to be trained to capture individual only meaningful data, which will be downloaded when a cow enters the receiving area of the base station, located either within a field, or within the milking parlour/cow sheds. The alerts indicate that the cow is in oestrus and/or, there is a decline in their eating and/or rumination levels, allowing the user to schedule that cow for treatment.
Key features of Afimilk Silent Herdsman
Afimilk Silent Herdsman Benefits
Additional Features
Herd management integration

Having a single source of data on a farm, and reducing the need for duplication of information, is a major objective of Afimilk Silent Herdsman. Our system intergrates with many herd management systems including InterHerd and Dairy Comp 305. Our open interface allows us to work with any herd management and accepts our file format. Our system is also able to work with ADIS cow information files.

Reporting capabilities

Afimilk Silent Herdsman currently has two mechanisms for reporting bulk information to its users. The first enables the user to print lists of cows, where the user is able to customise the contets of the report to only include information of interest. The user may also be able to generate reports by utilising intergrated options with their herd management system. In many instances, this also allows the user to export data into Microsoft Excel format to further analysis.

Sorting gate integration

Automatic sorting of animals based on the alerts generated on the Afimilk Silent Herdsman system enables a more automated approach to serving and locating animals. Afimilk Silent Herdsman already operates with the ATL Pegasus sorting gate.

Grouping of cows and adjusting sensitivity levels

The ability to adjust sensitivity levels and group cows provides the user with even greater accuracy of heat detection by allowing them to customise Afimilk Silent Herdsman to suit their herd.

Email alerts

You can be contacted anywhere in the world by email, to alert you to a cow's heat or a eating or rumination.
Benefits of using Afimilk Silent Herdsman
Saves you more time than everSaves You More Time Than Ever
  • Manage daily tasks and still keep an eye on your herd while on the go
  • Make breeding decisions quickly and effectively 
  • Spot changes in behaviour regardless of your location
  • Obtain early indicators of animal health
  • Reduce errors and manage your herd more accurately 
Saves you moneySaves You More Money
  • Maximise successful insemination programmes
  • Cut your bills for both vet visits and drug hormones
  • Enjoy better milk yields through lower calving indexes
  • Improve operational efficiency and gain stronger margins
  • Reduce labour costs and free up staff for other essential tasks
  • Gain better all-round farm performance and intelligence 
Contributes to healthier and better performing cowsBetter Performing Cows
  • Identify sickness and determine required response or treatment earlier than through observation
  • Reduce the impact on milk production due to sickness
  • Access greater health related real-time information around calving and transition
  • Corroborates the accuracy of oestrus detection
  • Gain greater all round intelligence on animal health and performance, enabling the farmer to make informed adjustments to optimise yields
  • Profit from sizeable financial benefits made possible by enabling faster corrective actions and minimising impack on yields and quality
To find out more about Afimilk Silent Herdsman or to request a demonstration, please contact us. Information can also be found at