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UNIFORM-Agri Workshop
15 Jan 2020

Uniform Agri workshops 2020

With your permission, Uniform Agri will be putting together a pack of reports using your Farm data which you will be handed on your arrival. This will allow you to compare your herds performance with the performance indicators that Uniform Agri will be explaining and running through in the workshops and you will be able to speak to Uniform Agri about what you are seeing.

This year the workshop’s will concentrate on :
  • Speeding up your Data Entry with Treatment Plans, Action Scheduler, Importing Bulls
  • Setting up reports such as – Action Calendar, Report Writer, Dashboard
  • Understand new Reports – Farm Assurance, Herd Size on a Specific date, Farm Comparison
Your Farm’s Data-pack will contain: Fertility, Production (SPP) and Health Reporting .

The workshops are provided as part of your annual support contract at no extra cost. There will also be tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival and some lunch.

Every workshop will start at 10:30 am and finish by 2pm.

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